Selected Papers (You can see more on my Google Scholar page)

Wardrip, P.S. & Shapiro, R.B. (2016). Digital media and data: Using and designing technologies to support learning in practice. Learning, Media & Technology, 187-192.

Wardrip, P. S., Abramovich, S., Kim, Y. J., & Bathgate, M. (2016). Taking badges to school: A school-based badge system and its impact on participating teachers. Computers & Education, 95, 239-253.

Wardrip, P.S., Gomez, K., & Gomez, L.M. (2015). We modify each other’s work: The role of literacy work circles in developing professional community. Teacher Development.

Wardrip, P.S. & Brahms, L. (2014). Mobile MAKESHOP: Preliminary findings from two school sites. Poster presented at the annual FabLearn Conference.

Wardrip, P.S., Abramovich, S., Bathgate, M. & Kim, Y.J. (forthcoming) A school-based badging system and interest-based learning: An exploratory case study. International Journal of Learning and Media.

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Arvizu, S, Santo, R., Arena, D, Wardrip, P.S., Johnson, B., Simon, A & Kendall-Taylor, N. (2012) Where is the DML on the Education Reform Agenda? An Advocacy Field Report. A Joint Research Project Between the FrameWorks Institute and the DML Emerging Scholars. FrameWorks Institute.

Herman, P. & Wardrip, P. (2012). Reading to Learn: Helping students comprehend readings in science class. The Science Teacher, 79(1), 58-61.

Wardrip, P.S. & Tobey, J. (2009) How Does Mechanical Weathering Change Rocks? Using Reading-To-Learn Strategies to Serve Science Learning, Science Scope, 32 (5)


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